Who am I?

I’m Austin Tedesco. I’m part of the partnerships team here at Substack, working with our podcasters and video creators. Before this I was an NBA editor at ESPN, a line cook at Cool World (RIP) and a strategist at another tech company.

Why do this?

At first, mostly just to learn the product. When someone asks how to migrate their podcast from Patreon or comp their crush a lifetime paid subscription, it’s easiest to just show them over here.

I’ve never really liked writing. But I’ve always liked making recs (and quietly judging yours). Surprisingly, I have enjoyed working on stuff like this. Or this. And I’m planning some more of that. I also like not forgetting things, and this project helps with that. 

What is a banger? And what is a jam?

You know it when you see it. This started as a running bit with friends that every good song was either a banger or a jam. Like, “Hey Ma” by Cam’ron, jam. “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks, banger. “Hit ‘Em Up Style” by Blu Cantrell, banger. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” by Kylie Minogue, jam. Since then it’s become a shorthand for all kinds of recs. Most weeks I’ll do one big banger or one big jam, and then at least 9 more quick hitters.

What else goes on over here?

Before my friends would go on trips, I’d send them a Google Doc. Here’s where to eat, here’s what to avoid, here’s how to spend a perfect afternoon, that kind of thing. It was fun for me, and the reviews from them were consistently positive.

I’ve moved those Google Docs over here and blown them out a bit. There should be a new one every few months.


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A Reckless Spender membership gets you all of that, plus personalized recommendations and professional help securing difficult restaurant reservations. (I have my ways).

A free subscription gets you whatever goes above the paywall, though sometimes I get the urge to do full free pieces like these.

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